GP Bundle Offer 2022

GP Bundle Minute-Internet-SMS Offer is available here. In 2021, GP already has brought GP bundle minute  & internet offer packages. Most of the GP customers have no idea about these offers. This is why today, I will share with you all the offers and services with their price, validity, and so on. So keep reading the article attentively and patiently.

GP Bundle Minute & Internet Offer Package


Maybe you are a GP customer, and so you are here. Do you want to get GP bundle minute  & internet offer packages? Don’t worry. I will show you all the processes and share detailed information about the topic. Keep reading patiently and collect the offers that you need. To get more information visit this link  htttps:/

GP Combo Package & Details

Here are all the Grameenhpone combo/bundle offers, arranged for all our special visitors decoratively. If you keep an eye below, you will find all the offers serially and well-decorated in the following box so that you can get all the information easily and enjoy them all day long.

Offer Price  Validity 
Data Minute
512 MB 30 Minute 31/- 72 hrs
500 MB 30 Minute 56/- 72 hrs
1 GB 80 Minute 96/- 7 Days
2 GB 50 Minute 97/- 7 Days
1.5 GB 200 Minute 158/- 30 Days
3 GB 300 Minute 309/- 30 Days
8 GB 250 Minute 259/- 30 Days
10 GB 350 Minute 448/- 30 Days
15 GB 500 Minute 548/- 30 Days
25 GB 750 Minute 598/- 30 Days
25 GB 1000 Minute 796 /- 30 Days
25 GB 1500 Minute 1096 /- 30 Days

That’s all about GP bundle minute-internet-SMS offer. I hope this article will be helpful for you the most. Read the article carefully and collect your valuable information. To get more information visit our other pages. Please stay connected with us to get more updated information. Thanks for staying with us.